Maria Isabel Rueda: Vampiros

COLOMBORAMA | press info

”Colomborama” is a multi platform exhibition project curated by El Parche (Marius Wang & Olga Robayo) and produced by TrAP with aim to represent today’s flowering art and culture scene in Bogotá and in neighbouring Colombian cities.

”Colomborama” has as a major focus to present Colombian contemporary art to a Norwegian audience, through exhibitions at four different venues and also by inviting artists, curators and musicians to Oslo for the period. The project will take place from end of February until end of June 2013 and will involve a number of exhibition sites in Oslo. The exhibition venues are Stenersenmuseet (28.2 – 5.5), Tegnerforbundet (7.3 – 7.4), Fotogalleriet (24.5 – 30.6) and Dortmund Bodega (19.4 – 26.4). There will be additional satellite projects at sites like Podium, W17 (El Parche artist residency at Kunstnernes hus) and Rommen scene at Stovner. Other partners will also be invited in.

The following visual artists are selected: For ”Bogotapolis”, group exhibition at the Stenersen Museum: Jaime Avila, Carlos Bonil, Elkin Calderón, Carlos Castro, Wilson Diaz, Miguel Kuan, Edinson Quinones, José Alejandro Restrepo, Maria Isabel Rueda, Edwin Sánchez, Andrés Felipe Uribe. For ”Damn right! Norwegian wood?”, solo exhibition at Tegnerforbundet: Humberto Junca Casas. For a post-mortem exhibition celebrating the Bogotá artist space El Bodegón at Dortmund Bodega: Curator and artist Victor Albarracín. For ”RE place / RE quest”, solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet: Angélica Teuta. For ”Trashpical”, a soundsystem / picós event at Podium i early June: Artist Mauro Renato Benavidez. The programme will also include concerts by the noise group Mugre and the hip hop act Crack Family.

Video: Kick off! - MIR Grünerløkka lufthavn – February 27th, 2013

Exhibition dates inside Colomborama:

Bogotapolis – Stenersenmuseet; Feb. 28.–May 5, 2013

Damn right! Norwegian wood?” - Tegnerforbundet; March 7.–April 7, 2013

El Bodegón Post-Mortem – Dortmund Bodega; April 19.–April 24, 2013
a post-mortem exhibition for the alternative artist space El Bod egón (Bogotá), guested and curated by Victor Albarracín

RE place / RE quest” - Fotogalleriet; May 24. - June 30, 2013

Hip-hop, workshops and conserts with Crack Family; May 31 and June 1, 2013




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